voorstel vrije ruimte: Open Set Lab

Bij deze wil ik een voorstel  vrije ruimte: Het betreft deelname aan het programma aan Open Set Lab, een samenwerkingsprogramma tussen de Masteropleiding Design van het AKV St. Joost en het Nederlandse Instituut voor beeld en geluid.

Informatie: http://www.openset.nl/opensetlab.php


In my projects I concentrate on transforming perspectives concerning single people from different groups and different ages. I focus on their daily routines combined with life-changing events and question why these Individuals live outside of family structures and love relationships. Is it choice? Type of character? Autonomy? Fortune or misfortune? Or maybe cultural structures make decisions for us?

Before starting the Master I used photography and language to create dialog with my participants and my personal believes. I currently research how to escape from predefined social and visual formats in profiling individuals. I study to create open design concepts aiming for new and more diverse visual strategies in displaying human individuals.

Goal 1: New Media – learning from other disciplines. Through participating in Open Set Lab I want to focus on connections between the media-archives and my thesis. Collaborating in Open Set Lab would give me the opportunity to expand my photography and design experience connecting it with moving image, sound and a new archive of cultural heritage.

Goal 2: Personal development – Defining and researching ‘compass’. Open Set claims to focus on establishing strong ethical positioning and enhancing personal compass. For my thesis at the Master Design I research representation from a strong ethical perspective. I work hard to explore my views, try different approaches, ask questions and review very critical on past or future steps. I react hesitant sometimes on my compass, not always sure where it leads me and would welcome more confidence in my personal compass. Developing ‘compass’ and researching the definition of ‘compass’ is a personal goal.

Goal 3: Visual strategy – willfulness and autonomy. I stumbled upon a sub-question in my research, which I would like to enter into Open Set Lab: I would like to research the strategies of autonomy in visual non-fictional formats. During Open Set Lab I would like to investigate the concept of autonomy within the visual storytelling of the archive, starting research from a non-fictional perspective. I would like to explore the more alternative, willfull documents in the archives of the Institute of Sound and Vision, focussed on the display of individuals. I am curious about their strategies, and the way they use and mix material. In the willfull documents I will research their caracteristics and underlying ethical views, connecting to the compasses of the makers of the documents.

As a result I hope to become more flexible in mixing non-fictional strategies, fictional strategies, autonomous ‘willfull’ strategies and stretch the boundaries of storytelling formats in my projects.

Goal 4: Design-strategy – improve and open up my research methodology. Open Set claims to question conventions and discovering new approaches through exploring the new and playfull design-researchmethodes offered by the Open Set tutors. Open Lab engages in the methodology of de-familiarisation. Working with different design philosophies and methods, learning in a playfull way from design professionals, will hopefully bring me new loose personal strategies and methods which I can transfer into my research and projects. I want to improve and open up my research methodology and hopefully work in new disciplines.

Goal 5: Design strategy – de-mystifying my personal archives. Working with archives from the past I struggle with de-mystifying my material. Maybe because it mostly concerns photography. Different archives, like the archive of the institute of sound and vision will give me the possibility to question the material, make different selections, give me the guts to put on more daring questions and re-engage with the material. By participating in Open Set Lab I develop new insights for handling my own materials and demystify my personal archives. This will also help me to open up my research methodology.

Goal 6: Skills – datavisualisation for my research. I am fairly new with archival processes and infrastructures. I know designers who work woth datavisualisation but really don’t now where to start in using it for myself. I am very keen on getting my hands on it, to see what it can result into for my thesis. I think it has great opportunities for my research into displaying individuals. Open Set Lab has lectures and workshops on datavisualisation

Goal 7: Skill – moving image and sound. I think its crucial for my thesis to research the possibilities of moving image and sound, because of my focus on timelines and scripts – lifescripts, cultural scripts and personal narratives. Sound, just sound as a medium to communicate the profile of an individual is a medium I would like to explore. Open Set gives me the possibilities.

Goal 8: New practice – research possibilities. In my practice as a photographer I developed ongoing, as a person traveling on a roadtrip. Open Set and the Master Design both want me to reflect on future goals and formulate New valuable practices. Defining concepts for the future is Open Sets main aim in this program. How can participants use their research and design as an instrument for the future? Through participating in open set I can put more focus on this area in my research. In my search for ‘willfull’ documents I would like to focus on cultural scripts that give information on current (still developing) new scripts.

The Open Set program lasts from September 2017 until January of 2018. Course takes 2 full days per 2 weeks and ends with a public presentation for public in January.

I feel a really strong match with the Open Set program. Because i can practice opening up my research methodology and explore new media possibilities for my research. I learn by doing. Open Set is hands on, learning by doing.

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